Spring Kickoff

The O.P.V. Spring Kickoff is an annual event started in 2016 as a way to give back to organizations that make an impact in providing assistance to Veterans in Central Texas.The life enrichment of volunteerism and the healing powers of finding a post-military passion is celebrated during Spring Kick off and has been crafted to honor an organization that has made strides in easing Veterans’ emotional transition.Each year a Veteran Non-Profit or Non-Profit with an established Veteran’s Program is nominated and O.P.V. holds an awareness fundraising campaign for the benefit of that organization.O.P.V. events complement our Three Pillars of Support: Social Connection, Community, and Mental Health.

2021 Beneficiary  

We proud to announce our very own Garrison Retreats Program as our 2021 Beneficiary. Garrison Retreats was founded in 2015 by Robert Groves to provide a 4 day retreat focused on resiliency, outdoor activity, and peer support. In 2017, due to the untimely loss of its founder, Garrison Retreats shifted to an awareness focus, until the organization was formally merged into O.P. Veteran in 2020. Re-establishing the work that Robert started has been extremely important to our organization. In order to ensure our inaugural Retreat is a success, we could not think of a more appropriate beneficiary. We are extremely excited to roll out Garrison Retreats - a program of O.P. Veteran, a 4 day retreat focused on resiliency, peer support, and healthy coping mechanisms.